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Yes, I’d like a lawn with grass, please, but hold the weeds

Why Is Weed Control Important? The three main grasses we have are Bermuda, St Augustine, and Zoysia. Weed control in each of these grasses helps ensure the health and overall appearance of your lawn. The reasons are as follows.

Aesthetics: Weeds can detract from the aesthetic appeal of a lawn, making it appear neglected and unsightly. A well-kept lawn free from weeds will add to the overall curb appeal of a property.

Competition for Resources: Weeds can compete with grass for resources such as water, nutrients and sunlight. This competition may lead to weak, sparse or damaged turf which leaves your lawn more vulnerable to other issues like pests and diseases.

Preventing Weed Infestations: Weeds can quickly spread and take over a lawn, making them difficult to control and necessitating more extensive and costly treatments for elimination. Regular weed control helps avoid these problems from becoming larger issues in the first place.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn: Maintaining your lawn requires regular upkeep, including weed control. A lawn free from weeds will tend to be stronger and healthier, providing protection from pests, diseases, and environmental stresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A healthy lawn crowds out weeds

​Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia lawns require regular weed control to maintain their healthy and vitality. Without it, your grasses could become choked out or unable to thrive properly. By maintaining an effective weed control program on a regular basis you can help ensure the health of your lawn while keeping it looking its best.

Weed Control. Is it pet friendly?

Answer: Most of our treatments are safe immediately but we do ask that that you wait an hour, or until the application dries.

Should pets be kept inside while treatments are being applied?

Yes. Generally give it 1 hour before letting them back outside.

Is it too late to get rid of my weeds?

Answer: It’s never too late! Timing can be beneficial for prevention, but we can resolve most weed problems with a couple of treatments.

How long does it take to see results?

Answer – It typically takes 10 to 14 days to start seeing a difference in your lawn. Weeds will slowly start dying off around the 10 day mark

Are the results guaranteed?

Answer – Yes, we guarantee every service. If you are not seeing results, we will retreat at no cost to you.


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We began using Hill Country Fertilizer shortly after moving into our home. The yard was wrought with weeds and fire ants and we needed help. Not only is Michael extremely helpful, responsive, and always willing to have a conversation about the options available to us, he has been able to quickly and consistently improve the health of our grass. It looks great and we couldn't be happier. Even our neighbors now use Hill Country Fertilizer.

Adrian Vanzulli

We also use for fertilization and are very happy with the service. We pay upfront and don’t have to worry about scheduling. Michael has been great to work with and we highly recommend.

Kenda Hartmann

I love using local businesses whenever I can. Michael does a great job. He’s responsive, punctual and hard working. Highly recommend!

Clark Wendlandt