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You need more than water to grow lush green grass

Water and sunlight aren’t all your lawn needs. It also needs food through Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). These elements are present through natural processes of broken-down plant material and organisms; however, a thick and hearty lawn receives the correct amount of nutrients on a consistent basis and at the appropriate feeding times.

Lawns may not receive the nutrients they need to grow green and lush due to many reasons. This could include invasive weeds stealing nutrients, lawn diseases, or a lack of organic decomposition throughout your yard.

Furthermore, organic decomposition that occurs in your yard could be too high in a certain nutrient that isn’t optimal to your lawn’s growth. For this reason, it’s important that each particular lawn receives the correct amount of nutrients for its area.

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As lawn care experts, we closely follow Neil Sperry’s best practices and schedules for lawn fertilization and weed control. In addition, we use our own local, custom blends of fertilizers we have made to our specs for the soil in our area!

We’re not your every-day, run-of-the-mill fertilization company. We treat each lawn uniquely depending on your lawn’s shade cover, current condition, soil composition, and type of grass.

This custom approach to each lawn is why we pride ourselves in being the local expert professionals in lawn care.

Whether applying a granular treatment or a liquid treatment, we always use carefully calibrated spreaders and sprayers to ensure uniform application across the lawn. Our customers take comfort in knowing that their lawn is receiving the correct amount of nutrients at the right time of year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about growing healthy grass

Does Lawn fertilization help keep weeds out?

Answer – Fertilizing your lawn can help with weed control to some degree, though it is not guaranteed. By fertilizing, you provide essential nutrients to the grass which causes it to grow thicker and healthier. With more shade, water, and nutrients available to the grass, weeds have less of a chance at taking hold – thus, lessening their spread and growth.

Who is responsible for mowing and watering?

We enjoy helping your lawn grow. When it comes to regular maintenance, you are responsible for mowing and watering. We can give you detailed advice on how often to mow and water.
We are always happy to refer a reliable lawn maintenance company.

How long should I stay off my lawn?

We recommend you stay off your lawn for an hour or until the application dries.

What makes our company different?

Most lawn companies offer a fertilization service, but we specialize in it. We are licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture and insured. Our service is a complete program designed to promote a healthier, greener, and thicker lawn, while also preventing the most common problems lawns have in our Central Texas area.


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Lawn Fertilization

We began using Hill Country Fertilizer shortly after moving into our home. The yard was wrought with weeds and fire ants and we needed help. Not only is Michael extremely helpful, responsive, and always willing to have a conversation about the options available to us, he has been able to quickly and consistently improve the health of our grass. It looks great and we couldn't be happier. Even our neighbors now use Hill Country Fertilizer.

Adrian Vanzulli

We also use for fertilization and are very happy with the service. We pay upfront and don’t have to worry about scheduling. Michael has been great to work with and we highly recommend.

Kenda Hartmann

I love using local businesses whenever I can. Michael does a great job. He’s responsive, punctual and hard working. Highly recommend!

Clark Wendlandt